Monday, November 23, 2015

It Will Always Stay Beautiful As It Is, Like Cherry Blossom Petals

Have you ever felt like all of a sudden you were in a music video?  That's the feeling I had this morning, as I left my house.  I was driving down a long road, to my right was an open field.  The light from the rising sun was shining behind the mountains in the horizon.  The sky was a perfect blue with clouds swirling all around, reminiscent of a marble.  A flock of birds were flitting in the open field.  Right when I noticed all of this, a pretty *piano instrumental began playing from my music.  Right at that moment, everything felt peaceful and perfect.

I think I can be high-strung at times.  I get stressed out very easily.  The good news is that I am very aware that I'm like this so I work really hard to try to manage it so that my stress doesn't overly consume my thoughts.  Most of the time, it's an internal struggle where I'm talking myself down from the proverbial ledge.  Other times, it helps to vent to my husband/sisters/friends about it.  Then there are the more rare occasions, like the scenario above, where I find a silver lining in the clouds without really looking for it.  I'm kind of proud of myself for even being able to recognize these moments in my life.  I feel like we live our lives on fast-forward all the time.  There's so much to do, never enough time to do it all.  It's not easy to slow down, take in the details of our surroundings of our day-to-day life and actually appreciate it.  This is more often done when you are on vacation, sitting on a sandy beach, sipping a fruity, alcoholic beverage.  I highly suggest making a conscious effort to try.  It's a pleasant surprise and the feeling is pretty amazing!


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