Monday, November 30, 2015

You Work and Walk and Spit Words Like a Boss

I think the highlight of my Thanksgiving weekend was when we were at my sister's house and they decided to play JENGA.  It was my sister, my oldest daughter (19), my youngest daughter (11) and my niece (6) playing.  This was the most intense game of JENGA I had ever witnessed.  Why?  Because the loser penalty was to post an ugly selfie picture on social media.  This was no joke.  No one wanted to lose....

As each person took their turn, they would nervously touch each block, seeing which one would be most forgiving.  They'd slowly tap their block out, taking their time so as not to disrupt the tower and gently put their block on the top.  All, except for my niece, who would complain that she didn't have any blocks she could pull out but, without hesitation, would push a block out and drop it on top like no problem.  After, she would exclaim, "I'M THE BOSS OF THIS GAME!!!"   

Round by round, we kept thinking that there was no way this game could go on!  The lower levels of the towers were barely balancing on single blocks for each level.  Not to mention my niece who was running around with joy every time she successfully completed her turn.  We thought her energy alone would topple the blocks down!

One would assume that the youngest player would end up losing.  Apparently, she really IS the boss of the game....

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